The use of green, red and white reflects the somatic faces of Made in Italy!

Our brand, registered at national level and deposited at the Italian Patent and Trademark Office (UBIM) of the Ministry of Economic Development, is a sign used to distinguish our products from those of the competition, contributing to the affirmation of the image and business idea of our company.

Through the creation of this symbol we want to give our customers guarantees of quality and reliability on our products, their origin and production methods.

The name “Le Due Sicilie” wants to combine the historical ideals of Sicily and Calabria, through the marketing of local quality local products, created especially for us with methods used in antiquity and handed down from generation to generation.

A red chilli placed horizontally wants to represent the symbol par excellence linked to the region of Calabria, while the green lines want to trace the boundaries of Sicily.

The use of green, red and white reflects the somatic faces of Made in Italy, circumscribing the business idea of Le Due Sicilie, to deal exclusively with local and quality products.

We fell in love with these two wonderful lands and all of Italy, we are anchored to our roots and devoted to our customs, we are proud to be able to delight you with the scents and values of our land, we are honored to tell you the values of this two wonderful regions that were passed down.
Thank you for choosing us!

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